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First book Innocence Lost::

Get sucked into the Journey that is Innocence Lost. Impossibilities and heartaches, wonder if love prevails all. Join us as we follow the story of Siobhan and Blake as they battle through the trials and tribulations of two very different worlds.

Blake is an Elder Vampire, over four hundred years old, dark, mysterious, bold, tall, and extremely gorgeous, as only a vampire as he could be. Centuries of feeling incomplete, knowing there’s a part of him that is missing, a part he yearns to be complete. Never knowing he would find this in the oddest way. A chance meeting with a gypsy fortune teller has him intrigued when she foretold of when and where he could find his Queen.
But he is warned there would be many brutal obstacles to be overcome before any kind of happy ever after could be accomplished, before his Queen, the missing link to his soul, the woman whom would complete him, would be safe in his arms.

Siobhan, pronounced (Ser-bi-on) is a beautiful young woman, an innocent, on holiday with her friends when she unexpectedly meets a tall charismatic man who completely and utterly sweeps her off her feet. She is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. He's so sexually dominant, taking his time to initiate her, step by slow step, patiently and completely too all the carnal pleasures, her body could endure. What he made her feel... 

But unbeknown to either of them, a dark and evil presence from Blake’s past has been observing them, planning to shred their worlds apart, and sooner rather than later. Siobhan is cruelly ripped from his embrace and is thrust into a world beyond anything she has ever dreamt of or could ever have imagined existed. 

Follow us as Blake has to battle with forces he’s not sure he can defeat all to bring home the one and only woman he would ever have, love and desire with all that he is.
Welcome to Innocence Lost.

second book Innocence Reclaimed::

The Journey of Innocence continues in:
Innocence Reclaimed

Join us as we find Siobhan still in the clutches of Monique, trapped in her French Chateau while her sexuality is slowly and sensuously awakened by the acts she is drawn into doing.

Jarryd, the vampire who Blake has sent in to protect her is unwittingly falling in love with her. Fighting to raise her spirit and courage. Feelings that he once thought were long dead inside of him rise to the surface and threaten to overwhelm him. All the passion and desire...his love for her...He knows is it a futile fight. He knows, a happy ever after with her will be signing his own death sentence.  He cannot allow his fantasy to be more than that... 

Monique, her wicked captor, who ripped her from Blake’s warm embrace.  Her plans for Siobhan are coming to fruition. The Elders' party. A gathering of all vampire Elders, which is held once a century that has been whispered about the chateau, draws closer. Will hell on earth reign supreme? find out in the continuing story.
Blake. That one name is enough to send excited shivers of pleasure down anyone’s spine. As one of the world's most powerful and most charismatic Elders, he will be ordered to attend the Elders party. But even he, with all his years of training, worries that he won’t be able to hold his restraint until the perfect time arrives to rescue his love.

Blake's brother Anthoney... Believed to be long dead. A sickness of his mind leads him to believe she is destined to by his and has been making plans for her. Quietly and patiently waiting in the background, his evil presence is tangible... 

Follow along as the journey continues for all of those that dwell within the walls of the Chateau.
Innocence Reclaimed is a roller coaster ride of highs, lows, and thrilling excitement. It will make you believe that that love can conquer all.

Welcome back to Innocence Reclaimed.

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